As the owner of Top Drawer Maintenance, I have over 30 years of experience in the construction/maintenance industry.  This experience is in both the U.S. and Central Asia (Tajikistan).

In the late 1990’s, I worked with Shelter Now International in Tajikistan as a Director of Implementation and Procurement Director.  I helped to complete a project of building 750 homes in 18 months while overseeing eight supervisors and 150 employees.  As a team, we were able to complete all projects by the deadline and under budget.

During the time the new millennium was ushered in, I served with Ora International in the same country.  My roles included securing funding, constructing, maintaining and directing a vocational/technical school for orphaned and high-risk youth.  This school focused on plastics vacuum forming, Micro Concrete Technology, coupled with basic construction skills, reading, writing, technical arithmetic, and basic social skills.  With the help of the students, we built a large factory, school house and offices.  We also partnered with and produced concrete roofing tiles for the very first Habitat for Humanity International Pilot Project in Tajikistan (30 homes).

I have written and implemented proposals and grants for multiple projects within the Christian and humanitarian relief and development field, especially those dealing with job creation and poverty alleviation. I have worked with the State Department, European Community Humanitarian Organization, and have partnered with various non-governmental organizations, state donors, and the United Nations.

After returning to the US, I worked for 10 years as a home inspector and manager of mediation/conciliation at ProHome of Oklahoma, a third party residential warranty management company.  My responsibilities included servicing more than 50 builders and developers while coordinating with hundreds of sub-contractors to repair warrantable and non-warrantable issues so that thousands of new homeowners were pleased with their new purchase.

My most recent place of employment was with Jeff Click Homes in Oklahoma where I served as a Superintendent/Builder, a Director of Warranty Fulfillment, and in employing my skills in detail/punch work. Jeff Click Homes built 40 plus homes in 2015 in the 275K – 400K market. We were very proud to have won the Oklahoma City Parade of Homes five years in a row, including various online awards relating to customer service!

John Grove worked for Jeff Click Homes through Click Enterprises, LLC for three years as a project supervisor. Prior to that, he served the company for nearly ten years on a contract basis. Through that time, I have come to know John both professionally and personally.

His skill-set includes a broad knowledge of the many facets of the construction processes used to construct new homes. This includes a thorough understanding of both the broad objectives, but also a unique attention to the finest of details in completing a home. He has proven dedicated to meeting deadlines and has demonstrated a strong ability to work well under pressure. He possesses a strong sense of character and commitment to doing what is right. He is loyal, professional, and enjoyable to be around.

Jeff Click
Owner, Jeff Click Homes, LLC
& Click Enterprises, LLC
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John was a project manager (2000-2001) within the Ora Children’s Welfare and Advocacy department where he led a project in producing micro-cement roofing tiles at a small factory site in Dushanbe while training poor boys in a vocation…

John was always a very motivated individual to work hard to follow his vision in the project work, and had a positive way of relating with people to collect the resources he needed. John also displayed a keen interest in working with the poor boys to help them, and he developed good working relationships and personal relationships with the Tajik staff, and with Ora staff…

During the project period John implemented one cooperative agreement with UNOPS for the roof reconstruction of 11 houses in Khatlon province for Tajik families returning to their villages after fleeing the country during the civil war period. These houses were fitted with micro-cement roofing tiles and John was responsible for organizing and supervising the local work crews hired for the project. This work was well-performed. I was present at one inspection trip, seeing the work and meeting grateful Tajik families. John is good a practical understanding of construction and many other things, and so John was a great asset in managing the reconstruction work.

Jeffrey Paulsen, MPH
Director of Ora Tajikistan, 1992-2005

John was employed by Shelter for Life International as a Project Officer in Tajikistan from 1997 to 1999. During this time, John rendered valuable support to our shelter reconstruction programs under challenging political and economic circumstances as Tajikistan was recovering from a devastating civil war.

His work as a Procurement Officer in the reconstruction of 750 wardamaged houses in the Khatlon area of Southern Tajikistan in 1998 and 1999 has been remarkable. John provided creative and appropriate procurement solutions for this shelter program that was funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

In addition, John adapted well to the Tajik culture and developed good relationships with the local people.

Harry J.R. van Burik M.Sc.Arch.
International Program Director
Shelter For Life International
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